Mike Ziegler's Music Archive

This website is a list of all the audio and video recordings that I have collected or recorded myself since the early nineties. This list has been maintained, in various forms and locations, since 1993. http://www.mikeziegler.com/archive

Nirvana Live Guide

The Nirvana Live Guide documents the band Nirvana's performance history with setlists, recording details, photographs, ticket stubs, flyers, etc... Kris Sproul and I have maintained this site together since 2003 when we merged our two pages together. Previous to this, the site I ran was the Interactive Nirvana Concert Chronology, which was given to me in 1998 by Rob Holmes. http://www.nirvanaguide.com

Devo Live Guide

The Devo Live Guide is basically the same thing as the Nirvana Live Guide, but for the band Devo. I started work on this site in 2003 and published it online for the first time in early 2005. http://www.huboon.com

Pixies Live Guide


Community World Theater

This website documents all the shows I have been able to confirm that had happened at the Community World Theater, a short lived (1987 to 1988), all ages live music venue in Tacoma, WA. I created this site in 2007. http://www.mikeziegler.com/cwt